Presenters Darlene Fichter and Frank Cervone

– “Allows the user to see the world as color blind people see it. Checks by images and urls”. It works more quickly if you download the app. It allows us to see the different kinds of color blindness (sadly, I didn’t know there was more than one kind).

–    Takes an image and creates a thumbnail for you. Can process webpages and see what they would look like as thumbnails.

–    Looks like cover flow on apple. Can embed on web page. Can do the same thing with images on your web page. It’s good for time sequence of images. It can zoom in and move out too

–    Charts and graphs and more visual types of images. “Take your data and transform it into visual information that can be shared with anyone, anywhere” Can connect to google docs, you generate, it gives you code and you can throw it in without uploading.


–    free sounds site.  “The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of CreativeCommons licensed sounds. Freesound focuses only on sound, not songs.”

–    You can record Skype calls with this download. Suggested to use for your presentations watch out for the laws against recording people without their permission.

–    Mindmapping tool. The presenters thought this is one of the best and oldest out there. There are group participation options.

Firefox tools
–    safecache- helps you protect your privacy. Disables cache based caching. It divides cache so one site can’t see what another has cached. . techniques .
–    safehistory- protects your search history from being seen and followed
–    foxmarks- allows you to synchronize your bookmarks on a number of machines.
–    Febe- firefox backup extension. Backs up your firefox extensions so you can put them on whatever machine you are working on. It also backs up bookmarks pref’s cookies, usernames and passwords…

–    Put many links together and create one small link (like a tinyurl but for many sites instead of one long site. Suggested to use when you are working on a project that uses a list of links.

File hamster
–    Real-time backup and archiving of your files while you work. Monitors files or directories. You set it up and tell it what to take.

–    When you delete a file the directory file goes away , now this software can go retrieve that directory file. It can be helpful for disk corruption as well as mistaken delets. It is free and most commercial products that use this are quite expensive. It is a Windows only product.

–    Takes page and renders it in other browsers. It truly looks at what happens in that browser. It looks at all many different browsers not just the most popular.
–    “This artificial intelligence service simulates human vision during the first 5 seconds of exposure to visuals.”
–    Creates heat maps based on an alogorithm that predicts what a real human eye would track on the page.
–    Shows how the colors on the page
–    very cool he showed it
–    It shows numbers representing the order of where the eyes would go on the page.

–    The icon that appears next to your name on the web next to your www in url box.
–    On this page you can create the 16X16 pic.

–    It helps you create one for your site.

–    Finds java script errors on your web page. It captures the exceptions and sends you an e-mail about what happene. It is good for java script debugging.
–    Can also find out what was happening at the time of the fail and in which browser.

Here is the link to Darlene Ficter’s notes on the presentation: click here