This post is part of the Day in the Life Project created by Bobbi Newman aka LibrarianByDay I am only going through one day as they all have the same theme. They all begin with the snooze button, a podcast, NPR and taking a leisurely time getting ready in the morning.

I am the Online Services Librarian for San Diego Mesa College so the focus of my work is the online environment we are creating for our patrons. The position is new so the bulk of my projects are in production. Generally during the week I am on face-to-face ref desk for one to two hours a day, once a week I am on 24/7 online ref desk for two hours, I am also the administrator of our 24/7 reference program. I teach library orientation classes for many subject areas. I am redesigning our library website. I am creating online tutorials for the students who cannot get to the library for orientation classes. I work with professors to get aspects of the library into their WebCT/Blackboard cites. I teach professors about ArtStor, Delicious, databases in general and anything else that will help them in the online library world. I am also on committees; Academic Affairs, Library Automation Group, Marketing and Mesa Information Technology Committee. Of course there is also the ever-present e-mail to slog through and that basically sums up my work days.

After work there is frequently kickboxing and dissertation work, except on Monday night when I visit my mother.

I feel obliged to write out at least one day as assigned so hear is Tuesday the 3rd.

6:30AM Hit Snooze
7AM Stop hitting snooze and enjoy the podcast for a moment before I get up.
9:30 Arrive at work feeling as if yesterdays cold may in fact have left before it took hold.
9:40 Begin the morning e-mail-o-rama
11A Do an hour of face to face reference desk duty
12 go to lunch
1P do two hours of online reference desk duty
3PM Work on my ArtStor database skills because I will not only be teaching an Art class for library orientation but I will also be teaching the art department an ArtStor brush up class tomorrow.
4:00P check how the coding is going on the new library website redesign and send notes to my partner on the project.
4:45 more e-mail
5:30 leave work
6:30 Kickboxing
7:30 Home to shower and ruminate about my dissertation topic